Consumer Understanding.

The basis for mastering strategy and qualified decision making relies on the deep and continuous monitoring of your brand performance and consumer interaction.

Who will most likely buy the product, how often will they buy it, what price they are willing to pay and where will they be buying it?

Consumers have specific wants and needs. Their incomes vary from high to middle or low. They are given choices of thousands of products, from luxury items to basic necessities. Consumers are the final buyers and users of products. The intent of any business is to make and sell a product. Brand must do the following:
  • Provide the benefits that are the most important to the consumers.
  • Make it in the form that consumers want.
  • Make it when consumers want it.
  • Sell it in places where consumers want it.
  • Sell it at prices consumers are willing to pay.

Brand also need to understand why consumers buy the product. Is it because the brand or brand is not that really important to them.
  • What is the brand equity of the brand and its competitor?
  • Do they buy the product because of the brand? because of the price? Or, because of the availability?

Based on this information, Brand can create the new strategy to win the competition.

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